A complete Global Commodity and Risk Management solution

Richcomm Global is an established participant of the global commodities market in both physical and derivatives.  The origin of the merchant and cotton commodity business has its roots since 1950’s.

In the Middle East, the company is a leading financial services provider & provides direct maker access to over 40 major commodity exchanges including SGX, CME, LME, ICE, SAFEX, etc. and to exchange based currency markets through some of the world’s leading Clearing and Brokerage.

With over 34 years of in-depth relationships across the globe, Richcomm Global, the company is a principal trading member of GAFTA London. 

The company’s trading team have loaded white maize vessels from Beira to South America, loaded Black Sea wheat to Durban, loaded Argentine soybean meal and sunflower pellets to Africa, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese par-boiled and white rice to various African destinations, traded straight and blend fertilisers to Africa, fuel oil to west Africa, etc.

With expertise built over four generations, Richcomm Global’s management team also work with clients ranging from trading companies, non-governmental organisations, sovereign states and in consultancy projects that includes risk mitigation, food security, strategy, supply chain management, etc. with in-depth knowledge in emerging markets.

Our Businesses

Derivatives in Global Markets – full suite of direct market access and risk management to 40 major commodity exchanges and over 125 foreign currency pairs.


Our client facing division includes Commodity Risk Management – defining and implementing risk management strategies and reporting infra-structure for clients, devising bespoke trading strategies and positions controls for clients.


Commodity Trading operations – Agriculture, Energy and Base Metals – extensive global experience as a principal trader with strong relationships across the commodity complex. 

As part of this development, Richcomm has established Trade Services section that encompasses risk management consultancy, logistics, trade finance, professional trader training and multi commodity conference operations.


Commodity Fund Management and Asset Management License in the European Union – given the restricted commodity trade financing globally and the regulatory constraints from the Basel II, Richcomm Global has established Almagest SICAV plc and the company is the majority shareholder of the Alternative Investment Fund Manager AIFMD – Agon Asset Management Limited, both regulated and registered by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

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• Access to Global Exchanges

• Arbitrage

• Hedging Strategies

• Macro Trading Strategies

• Physical Commodity Delivery

• Commodity Training and Risk Management

Richcomm Global has been engaged as an agriculture, food security, agriculture blockchains and trade risk advisor to MNCs, governments, NGOs, processors like mills and crushers, etc.  The company is engaged with an edible oil refinery to manage the price and procurement risk for the palm complex.


In addition, the company has expanded to cover metals in the design, exposure management and execution of hedging strategies for both base and precious metals merchants.  This includes resources to identify and manage client commodity price management or hedging strategies, whether for processors or producers, objectively. The company continuously monitors client exposure, against the budgeted mandate.

Richcomm Global’s experienced management team have been responsible for managing industrial operations from maize and wheat milling plants to oilseed crushing operations.  Several financial institutions, investors and stakeholders ‘parachute’ our team in to take control of a crisis or design efficient processes for senior management and directors. 


Our skills ser is to provide a comprehensive solutions package that would incorporate commodity management including transport and logistics, origination, innovative commodity storage solutions, competitive commodity financing and raw material pricing and price risk hedging.

The company has developed in-house Value-at-Risk modeling risk management tools to assist discretionary clients review and manage exposure limits specifically tailored to arbitrage and spread strategies. Our ecosystem based on decades of global experience and relationships benefits our associates and partners. 


Richcomm Global’s management team has been available for consultancy and training across the commodity spectrum. 

This service empowers the client to focus on their core competencies of value added processing, product branding and increasing their market share, whilst outsourcing the raw material or commodity risk management to a one stop service provider.


The increased price volatility makes the hedging of raw materials an essential part of any progressive business, whether it is crude oil, refining, mining, coal, base metals products like steel and copper, etc. Richcomm offers its key clients a total services package that includes strategy discussions, budgeting, strategy implementation and execution, exposure management and reporting. A ‘hands on’ commodity risk management solution tailored for the individual client or institution.

Consultancy and Advisory
Commodity Risk Outsourcing