Agon Asset Management Limited

Agon Asset Management Limited is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized by Malta Financial Services Authority to provide investment services in Malta.

Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD)

Status: Licence Authorised 

ROC Company ID: C 61250 

Our personnel can guide you through the process to set up your own investment collective scheme, where it is to manage existing assets globally or help your fund raising process for a specific project by leveraging a well-regulated EU jurisdiction to enable the participation of regulated and institutional investors.

Professional Investment Funds (PIFs) are for all intents and purposes regular Mutual Funds, but with certain defining characteristics that render them subject to lighter regulation and greater flexibility, including in the choice of service providers. They are particularly suited for small funds and asset managers that fall outside the scope of the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD).

Alternative Investor Funds (AIFs) are for all intents and purposes regular Mutual Funds that would be considered as AIFs in terms of the AIFMD. AIFs set up in Malta may be established as Investment Companies (SICAV or INVCO), Limited Partnerships, Unit Trusts /  Common Contractual Funds and Incorporated Cell Companies. They may be structured as umbrella funds with sub-funds, and they may also issue more than one class of shares/units that shall not constitute a distinct sub-fund of the AIF.

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