Almagest SICAV p.l.c. - Commodity Trading Fund

Richcomm Global is approved as the sub-investment Manager and Advisor for Almagest Commodity Trading Fund that has been registered and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

The Fund focuses on the decades of actual commodity trading experience of the founders and the peer group.  This includes prominent industry leaders from the commodity trade in Europe with global exposure in cash and derivatives with some of the largest trading houses in the world.

Almagest combines the fundamentals of physical trading (specifically agriculture, energy and base metals) in cohesion with the derivatives markets to off-set price and capital risks and to identity and lock in market price anomalies on a hedged basis.  The fund is the principal to all the physical trades that it contracts.

The Fund monitors and locks in inter and intra commodity price spreads, calendar carries, geographical and time arbitrage on commodities and currencies on spot, futures and options across established markets and exchanges.

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