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Current Operations

Richcomm Global Services' brokerage and clearing business concentrates on an established and selective client base including commodity traders, grain merchants, shippers, processors and speculators. The company focuses on value-adding activities within the following areas of operations:

Commodity Research

Richcomm Global publishes over 50 propriety research reports each month, covering everything from technical indicators, weather forecasts to Daily Market Reports, on a restricted local and global client base distribution. The circulation is to the key bona fi de decision makers, concentrating on precious metals, energy, base metals and agricultural products.

Client Risk Profiling and Trading Support

Richcomm Global acts purely as advisor and never as principal and thus does not have any conflict of interests with clients. This includes resources to identify and manage client commodity price management or hedging strategies, whether for processors or producers, objectively. The company continuously monitors client performance, against the agreed risk mandate, in the case of discretionary clients, and appropriate hedging strategies for the different categories of trade clients.

Execution Support

The company has invested in cutting edge technology to secure direct channels to  execute client orders in real time. Richcomm Global has 8 execution terminals on line at all times. Where possible, the qualified dealers are encouraged to 'pre-allocate' all client orders sequentially and this is monitored independently by the internal Audit and Compliance Officers

In addition, Richcomm Global provide direct market access for selected clients to execute their own orders on DGCX. The company also advises off-shore clients on managing global commodity risks. The key philosophy at Richcomm Global is to establish and maintain an unparalleled back office, administrative and compliance operations.

Client Administration and Technology Support

Richcomm Global has invested in software to ensure that the company benefits from meeting client back office queries efficiently. All Richcomm Global clients can receive a daily portfolio report on their hedging, risk exposure, cash and margins. Further, all clients receive a monthly report on the valuation of their portfolio that includes the balance on all accounts and the current open positions. The company considers back

office as the cornerstone of building market confidence in global commodity operations and it maintains an ongoing schedule for key staff training.

Compliance and Audit

The philosophy of Richcomm Global is to ensure total transparency between the company and its client is of paramount importance. The company has always separated the function of compliance and trading and, currently, has two compliance officers and one alternate officer. In addition, the company has an independent Audit officer to ensure that the company complies with the regulatory requirements of DGCX and SCA.

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