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Consultancy and Advisory

Richcomm Global Services acts purely as advisor and never as principal and thus does not have any conflict of interests with clients. This includes resources to identify and manage client commodity price management or hedging strategies, whether for processors or producers, objectively. The company continuously monitors client performance, against the agreed risk mandate, in the case of discretionary clients, and appropriate hedging strategies for the different categories of trade clients.

The company has developed in-house Value-at-Risk modeling risk management tools to assist discretionary clients review and manage exposure limits. RGS's Strategic Advisory business is housed under CAM. Given the expansive management experience and access to major global traders, RGS and its associates offer strategic advisory services that cover risk management and exposure monitoring for products like steel, energy products – crude oil, coal, natural gas, etc.

Commodity Risk Outsourcing

RGS has always been in consultation with commodity end users, to provide a total solutions package that would incorporate commodity management including transport and logistics, innovative commodity storage solutions, competitive commodity financing and raw material pricing and price risk hedging.

This service empowers the client to focus on their core competencies of value added processing, product branding and increasing their market share, whilst outsourcing the raw material or commodity risk management to a one stop service provider.

The increased price volatility makes the hedging of raw materials an essential part of any progressive business, whether it is crude oil, refining, mining, coal, base metals products like steel and copper, etc. RGS offers its key clients a total services package that includes strategy discussions, budgeting, strategy implementation and execution, exposure management and reporting. A ‘hands on’ commodity risk management solution tailored for the individual client or institution.

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