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Wheat Crop

Richcomm Global Services publishes propriety research reports each month, covering everything from technical indicators, weather forecasts to Market Reports, to restricted global customers. The circulation is to the key bona fide decision makers, concentrating on precious metals, energy, base metals and agricultural products.

Daily Technical Reports

For clients who trade the metals markets with the help of technical charts, Richcomm Global provides reports with specific support / resistance levels on each script, delivered to the client electronically before the start of the markets.

Event Based Reports

Election results, Brexit, BASEL-3 norms, OPEC meetings, WASDE reports, Financial year budgets in various countries, Duty and import embargo changes all need detailed analysis and we make sure that the client get a detailed info on such developments and be able to understand clearly “What’s in for me? How does my business get effected?”.

Special Reports

Seasonal changes, key trend reversal, market discounts / contango, Arbitrage opportunities, inter and inter-commodity reports are rare but specific opportunities to be capitalized almost instantly and such opportunities are passed on to the clients who have signed non-disclosure agreements with the company.

Bullions & PMG

Bullions (Gold & Silver) and other precious metals (Platinum & Palladium) are commodities that needs specific market info, loco market prices, LBMA price fix, currency changes and industry specific news. RGS makes sure that we cater to this industry and our compact one pager is the most awaited report in multiple bullion centers.

Weekly Reports

Richcomm circulates weekly reports, catering specifically to the clients who wish to avoid the daily market “noise’ and are invested over the long-term horizon. Category specific reports with clear outlook & target levels and follow up of previous trading calls are included in this report.  

Daily Grain & Veg Oil Reports

A compact yet comprehensive report covering everything from physical grain and oil markets in key trading centers – Amsterdam, Kandla, Mediterranean, Mumbai, Black Sea, Europe, North Africa. These reports cover the weather changes, vessel positions, overnights newswire, Supply – Demand figures & Currency movements.

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